Thursday, 7 November 2013


Something that I did notice about what Missy was saying in our interview was that in the Meisner technique, they could sit however they like.

This shows a huge difference between the techniques, as relaxation is imperative in Strasberg's method.

In the book the Fifth Key Theatre Directors, Shomit Mitter, talks about how important Strasberg thought relaxation was.

'In Strasberg's work there was therefore an elaborate programme of carefully 
orchestrated preliminary work, the first stage of which was to get the actors to 
relax physically. Relaxations, for Strasberg, was the most fundamental condition of all creative work: it was so
important that he would often take all the allotted time in rehearsal just to achieve a properly
relaxed state.'Just relax', he would say,'If you never get to the exercise, I don't care' ' (Shomit Mitter 2004)

This web page describes what relaxation is and how is works.

What Relaxation Is And How It Works

This looks like a very strange picture, But this is exactly what relaxation looks like.

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