Monday, 25 November 2013

Beauty Is Not Between A Size 0 And A Size 8.

 I've had a but of a revelation, In terms of my own personal development:
 Last week I found myself in a situation, surrounded by others in the industry, those whom I am well acquainted. Now these girls are obsessed by 'prettiness' to almost an extreme. They are not actors, but singers, and they are in a line of work where looks almost concur all. It is not necessarily their fault, they have been working for someone who is making them a product, the girls are being told to look good at all times and are being put on strict diets. 
I was made to feel that I had no self worth by them. The worst thing about this - is that I don't even think the girls even knew they were doing it. 

Body image and being 'beautiful' is a huge insecurity to all girls. Especially performers that are judged by their looks every audition they go to. But what happens in ten years time when these girls have lost their looks? There is so much more to life than asymmetry and large assets. 

 I was talking to my friend Missy again about everything that had gone on and how awful they had made me feel, our conversation eventually changed course and we started to talk about when we are listening to our iPods and want to sing out loud in a public place. She said, from everything she has seen in New York, when people just break into dance and just start to jam as they are working down the street, she said, "Just go for it! Who cares what other people think!" 

This made me think about Strasberg. He has an exercise called, private moment. This is where you simply do the things you would if you were at home front of others. So I did a little experiment. I decided to walk for about an hour around London, singing aloud. At first, I found it very difficult, singing quietly and stopping if I thought anyone was looking at me, or came too close. Eventually I pushed myself to just do it! And although I did have a few people looking, it wasn't half as bad as I had thought. Plus it was raining so I was able to hide a little under my umbrella!! This has made me realise, people need to care less about what others think, it's going to be difficult, but by taking yourself out of your comfort zone, it helps you develop and learn and you find, things aren't half as bad as you thought they were going to be.


  1. Powerful stuff, Blake!
    Societal pressure on what is, and what isn't, acceptable and the immediacy of media and the Internet to spread and ridicule what is unique or different or to exaggerate and sensationalise is something very worrying indeed.
    In my daily practice I am so saddened by those students unable to look at themselves in a mirror, whether from their perception of 'too fat' or 'too ugly' or 'too tall' or whatever. The current obsession with celebrity and youth is destroying some people and preoccupying others with botox and liposuction.
    I love that you went 'SInging in the rain' and will follow your lead with an impromptu boogie sometime this week.
    Who knows, perhaps it'll catch on :)

  2. I'll second that! This blog has put a massive smile on my face.

  3. This is so true! Why should we invest our happiness in what others think about us or in what They think is right or wrong? What is right and wrong anyway? If we are happy within ourselves then we don't have to worry about pleasing anyone else.
    I love the idea of singing in the street, we should keep doing things that are out of our comfort zone, only this way we'll keep growing and hopefuly learn about ourselves a little bit more :)