Friday, 8 November 2013

My Artefact

I have decided to call my artefact: What is method acting?
This is going to be a finished product which is a small insight into what method acting is.
I am going to cover the basics of method acting; relaxation; a few of Strasberg's exercises; looking at a few method practitioners and a few videos showing the use of method acting from both famous actors and me.  
I have decided my audience will be someone that doesn't know anything about method acting. It will give them some idea of what method acting is, and hopefully surprise them with what they learn.

I am going to show this as an audio usual video. I believe this will keep it interesting for the person who will be learning about the topic.
I have started to plan what I am going to do and I have drawn up a story board.


  1. Hi Blake, after speaking to Paula she told me about your findings of method acting, I have read your blogs and have found them very interesting, I will follow them up. I am into Stanislavsky technique to as I am an actress myself. If you need any help please let me know. I am looking into networking and getting into TV castings so if you are interested have a little look at my blogs. Thanks and good luck isla

  2. This looks like you have been developing your ideas for the artefact Blake - it looks quite promising in terms of something that embodies your learning - you can also send to me in email for personal feedback - how does this artefact show or respond to what you found out in your inquiry?