Sunday, 20 October 2013

Review of 'Campus Session' - One on one with Paula Nottingham

I am currently in a play, spending most of my time working and rehearsing and therefore it is impossible for me to make any of the campus sessions. This is a problem of the Work Based learning system. It is also a big problem for me being dyslexic.  I find reading difficult and trying to get my ideas from my head to the computer makes working on my own, even harder. Class room' situations, where I have peers to talk to about the topics can help with me particularly consolidate and clarify my thoughts. 

Between jobs I was able to meet up with Paula, this helped me immensely. 
We spoke at length about my questions and and my topic.
We discussed what I needed to do in regards to literature, we spoke about how I needed to delve deeper into the subject I am talking about. 
Having the summer off, away from the degree meant that I had difficulty finding where to start again, but we talked about a skeleton frame of what I needed to do, taking everything slowly and talking about what I needed to cover in this module. 
A further difficulty of not having the support of campus sessions is that I was trying to rush ahead of myself. I thought that I ought to know exactly what the outcome of my topic would be. She explained and reassured me that I won't know any of this until I have all my information from the questionnaires back, so I didn't have to worry. 
Following my meeting with my tutor,I looked over my module 2 work. Having already done part of my interview at the end of the last module, helped me by giving me a place to start module 3.

I am happier knowing I can meet with Paula to keep me on track because the Campus Sessions are practically impossible to make in my situation. 

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