Thursday, 24 October 2013

How do I know if it's right to take the contract?

This blog concerns something that is prominent in my working life which affects my work based degree course: I am currently in a "mixed feelings" situation because I have been offered a six month contract as a dancer in India.
The reason I went to the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York earlier this year was to study method acting and to further my career in acting.
But once again I have been offered a dance contract.
How do I know if it's right to take the contract?
I'm in a predicament because I want to be acting now and I feel if I leave the country again I am going to be missing out on what is going on in England. Missing out on Christmas with my family is also a concern, naturally. It's a tough decision because I see many of my contemporaries furthering their careers and I can't help but think I'm taking myself out of it again! I also had to leave my last dance contract early because of an injury and I am unsure if my body is ready yet. Decisions, decisions!
I also decided under these circumstances that six months was too long to be away, so managed to talk my contract down to four months. They said this was possible but I would have to pay for my own flights but they eventually agreed to pay for one of my flights. This feels a little more practical.
Speaking to others, they have all said go for it as it's work and when would I get an opportunity to work in India ever again?
My father works around the world and it very aware of the dangers of Mumbai, so both my parents have that worry. He had also read through my contract and thinks I am going to be worked like a dog for very little money. Unfortunately for us, that is the nature of the performing world.

Though I am worried I will be missing out in England, the only work that will be going on over the next few months is pantomime. I have already played the principle boy twice so don't feel as if it will further my career. As far as missing my family at Christmas, it might be nice to have a change over the festival period as I know that Christmas at home will only be the same as last year.
In terms of physical fitness I can practise my exercises every day to strengthen the muscles around the injury.
In regards to my acting career the reason I changed the contract from six to four months, is that I can get back in time to audition for the Edinburgh fringe festival and for Shakespeare in the Park over the summer
So I 'think' I have decided to take the contract, I have time to enjoy and make the most of this experience: our careers are a marathon not a race.

This then presents another small problem!
It only gives me five weeks to get as much of my degree in as humanly possible. My time management needs to be perfect and I have started to write a plan for me to get though it.

Wish me luck!

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