Thursday, 24 October 2013

Campus Session

I was able to make it to a campus session today.
We talked about exactly what our topic was on in one or two sentences. Doing this stopped us from making it more complicated than it is.
We talked about how, when we write something, we should read it, find the meaning of what we want to say and condense it. This will help us to get straight to the point without waffling.
Paula has a power point presentation for us, although I've seen it already I will be looking at it again as it was a good guide to help me keep on the right track.
We then started to look at example presentations. These took a number of forms; a poster; books; a leaflet; an audio visual version etc etc
A few of these will also be put up on the internet.

I am now thinking about presenting my artefact audio visually.  Seeing the video example has given me ideas on how to do mine. Being dyslexic, I do find writing challenging, so this for me, seems to be an interesting solution.

I have also written a list of things for me to blog about which will help me progress.

On the arrow chart I am currently between stage two and four. I have not yet properly started on reading up on my preferred literature, but I have already sent out my questionnaires and started to look at and mentally analyse the feedback.
I need to start looking at literature as soon as possible in order not to get ahead of myself.

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  1. Hi Blake,
    Thank-you for posting about the Campus session as I was unable to make it this time. I have been looking at the slides on Paula's powerpoint - very useful. The point you make about finding the meaning in a sentence is very important, isn't it, especially as we are on such a low word count! I'm a terrible waffler (as you can see) so I will start practising my condensing now... :)

    You mention that you are dyslexic, which has really got me thinking about the 'how' of my professional artifact. I've been focusing on who my potential audience is, as in their professional practice, but I should also be considering their other potential needs as individuals in order to be as inclusive and wide-reaching as possible. Thank-you.