Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Reader 4

I have finally finished reading the Reader 4. Being dyslexic, I find reading the most difficult part of the degree so far. But it has given me some ideas towards the kind of questions that I would like to ask.' WHY PERFORMERS DON'T GO TO AUDITIONS?'

Thinking about why people wouldn't want to go to auditions is a greatly explore-able subject. This is because these are questions that each person has his or her own theories on. A subject like this is a very good way of opening ideas and to try to understand why people think the way that they do.

Because the answers to the questions can only be opinions, I expect people to have many thoughts on the subject, which in turn helps me to gather a vast amount of information enabling me to have more results to work with.

The questions cannot simply be answered with a yes or no answer, this means that there is a lot to learn from it, as people will have their own points of view on each given question, which could in turn could eventually change the way you think about things and could evolve your views of a job or type of contract.


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  2. absolutely right Blake, what you are moving towards here is not a simple yes-no answer. It requires exploring the full range of motivational responses to auditions. How practitioners form views about auditions located in the full range of cognitive-emotional responses. How people feel, fears, ambitions, self-image, a desire to fit in, pushing oneself forward to succeed and on and on. Lots of different 'perspectives' that you can explore.

    In terms of the specific questions, 'why not', I wonder whether a fuller exploration of what auditions trigger in practitioners, positive, negative, indifferent ... what are the range of responses? rather than what people see as 'negative' to be avoided?

    I will be posting on the topic of questions shortly ...