Thursday, 11 October 2012

4a. My Survey: Why Performers Choose NOT To Go To Auditions

I am soon to finish a six month contract, I have spent the summer dancing in Cyprus and will be coming home early November! Just in time for Christmas, or so you would think..!

With a contract ending as the start of November I have missed all the Christmas pantomime auditions, and I'm too early for auditions got things like the Edinburgh fringe festival. Most projects are looking to be started in January, so I'm stuck in limbo. However, with the performing websites that I am signed up to, I am still receiving emails every day about auditions coming up. So there must be work!
I have found that many people I know are deciding that they wouldn't audition for something because they don't want to do that type of job.
I want to know why? If performing is your passion, why do people not want to do it?
And so the title of my survey is: Why performers choose not to go to auditions.

Here is a link to my survey:

It only takes a few minutes to complete and I would be very grateful if you could complete it for me. Any comments in the comments box would also be greatly appreciated!

I can't wait to hear your opinions on the subject! 


  1. Hi Blake,

    I did your survey and I hope it helps. When you get a chance I would be really grateful if you could do mine too. It's on here:

    Thank you


  2. Hey Blakey,

    Hope you're well. Just done your survey. I'm not exactly a pure "performer" anymore so you might find my answers a bit strange!


  3. Hi Blake

    I have completed your survey, I hope you find it useful.

    Out of interest, where have you been working in Cyprus? I lived in Paphos for a year! I did a couple of contracts as a lead singer with Thomson Gold.


    1. I was in Paphos!! I lived on Tomb of The Kings Road, Close to the Roman Hotel! I will always have a place in my heart for Paphos! x

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