Monday, 6 May 2013

Critical Reflection

Here is a link to my critical reflection of module two:

Module Two Critical Reflection


  1. Amazing Blog !!


  2. Hi Blake,

    I've just finished reading your Critical Reflection, i think that you have chosen a prospective Award Title. A BA(hons)Professional Practice(Performance)seems like a title that will not limit you; if your anything like i am you love all aspects of the Arts but you do not want to be 'tied down' to one particular profession.

    At the start of the course I was a Drama student but fining work and an inquiry plan that was current to my line of work was hard. This was hard as my only line of work was my 'day job' as a sales assistant. I noticed that in your reflection you mentioned that most people on the course are now teaching; this is something i can relate to. I've found it hard to build up my SIG i guess because my profession is different(Youth Work) however i still teach in some ways. Good luck