Thursday, 21 March 2013

5d. Proposed Enquir

In less than one week today I will be leaving for New York!
I have got a place at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, so will be studying out there for three months.

The reason I have chosen to go back into education and to study this course in particular was for a number of different reasons:
I keep speaking to people about how I have trained, (Three years in Musical Theatre at Italia Conti) and they turn their nose up at it. 'Ohh musical theatre..' As if doing musical theatre means that you have not studied acting;
I love method acting. This school specialises in it. It is also an incredibly accredited school;
I love that it is a 12 week course, I feel like anything else would be too short. And I wouldn't have enough time to cultivate what I had learnt. And anything longer would be too much time to take out of my working life.

So I have decided to change my proposed enquiry to;

What are the reasons you would go back into training?

With this question there is a lot of explanation to be made. Similar to my old proposed enquiry, people have a lot to say about the company.

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  1. Blake - continue to think about this new direction in order to start writing up a new inquiry plan - think of some subquestions that are more focused on the type of training you are thinking of - so professional training in performance or acting? okay subquestions? why is is necessary? etc. Also use your journal to develop this new line of inquiry - sound like it 'has legs' and would be of interest to others on the course.