Wednesday, 14 November 2012

5b. Ethics Within Working Abroad

I have been trying to look up different laws on the topics that I had brought up. Straight away I contacted Equity. Today, Equity is not as important as it was before, Long ago, performers were not able to work unless they had an Equity Card. However, You could also not get an Equity Card unless you were working. so people were just going in circles. Now though you can still employed without the necessary documents.
I looked though all Equity's contracts and discovered that there was a lot of information on health and safety. Explaining that it is always the fault of the employer or venue. However, the performer must also look after themselves by warming up and doing their best to avoid injury. There was also lots of information on the performers welfare. But the way it was written was very non-specific, to cover all angles. The best way to find out individual issues is to make a claim to one of the Equity representatives that will individually taylor the claim around you. I am very glad that I have joined spotlight because it keeps me reassured that in a dog eat dog industry, I have someone else looking after me.

All of Equity's information is found though this link:

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  1. Hi Blake,

    Thanks for this post, and the previous one on working abroad. The nature of the industry is as it is. No one is surprised. What would be interesting is to hear how you reconcile this. Where are the limits you set for yourself? When is something unacceptable? I really think you could extend the description of the issues to some critical reflection on where this line of thinking leads you?

    In terms of your award title, I think the inclusion of Psychology is highly problematic because there is no content of this type either ion your professional training or on BAPP. I would think BA Honours Professional Practice (Performing Arts) looks much better. A more general title will not tie you to a specific area that will limit opportunities, as well as imply you have bodies of knowledge (say around psychology) that you do not have).

    I could certainly support the suggestion above.