Saturday, 24 March 2012

One Week Of Journals

Each day this past week I have documented each day in different ways as the program suggests.

Day One-Description
Today I had rehearsals for The Sound Of The Musicals. The main event of the day happened in the afternoon. The 'Boy-Girl' groups went off with Giaccolina, the choreographer. And the 'Girl-Girl' groups, which I am in, went with Simon. The company owner and Director. At first I was unhappy about this as you really have to be on your toes with him, as you never know what the reaction could be. But in the end I was so happy that I had been put in his group because he has an exact idea in this mind of what he wants. So being shown and told right from the houses mouth has really been a huge help. For each song he wants a character just like that of the original singer. But much larger and more exaggerated, I found this a little hard at first but as soon as you can understand what is expected of you, it gets easier to throw yourself into it. However, less is more when it comes to dancing and movement. With having dance as such a huge part of my life, I find it hard to not even walk like a dancer and I keep getting told off. But we need to mince around and 'milk the dress' when we arrive on stage. So I am just finding it hard to get a happy medium. Another thing I am finding hard is that he wants the female characters when talking to the audience to be like pantomime dames. But for the conversation to flow and sound unscripted. I am finding it very hard to act like a pantomime dame. Spending the last six months as Peter Pan has really helped me with the physicality needed for pantomime style work. I just need to understand how my character has to be and how I can turn myself into a Barbara Windsor style character and still be real.
Another side event that happened today is that an old friend of mine, that has nothing to do with the industry was at the rehearsals helping out the costume girl! It just proves what a small world this industry is!

Day Two-List
Get Up 5am
Leave house at 5:45 to avoid congestion charge
Drive to Beckenham
Go to the gym
Potter around doing my makeup
Drive to Tesco
Buy food for the day
Eat lunch by 10 am
Meet colleagues at rehearsals
Pack the car with speakers, wires, mics etc
Drive to new rehearsal venue
Get allocated best room
Set up
Tea Break
Start our rehearsal
Tried on all the costumes for the show with the director, looking at everything in detail
Continued this for two hours
Some of the costumes I loved, others I looked like a tea pot in
Back to rehearsing
Practised two of the larger numbers with props
Which I was really glad we did because everything started to fit into place
Practised singing with the mics
People kept coming in to show us their costumes
Tea Break
Pack Up
Wait around awkwardly not wanting to ask if we can leave
Drive back to London out of the congestion charge 
Stop off at Tesco to get bits and bobs for the show
They didn't have anything that I needed
Drove to friends house and parked the car
Walk to the bus stop
After missing a but on the other side realise I am waiting on the wrong side of the road
Wait at the correct bus stop
Get off at Canada Water and start a treck towards London bridge with my big heavy bag
The plan is keep walking until I find a Borris Bike
Continue to keep walking
Finally find a bike at London Bridge station
My bag is too big to fit into the bag holdall
Rearrange my bag on the street so that it will fit in the holdall
Squish and balance my huge bag on top of the holdall
Dangerously bike back to Old Street
Somehow not die
Search for my key for ages out side of the flat
Wait forever for the lift to come
Finally get into the house
Go into the kitchen
Put my phone on charge
Then it hits me
I have left the mini disk with all the music on it for the show in the car
Want to cry
Call the friend and tell her I will have to mission it back to hers in the morning
It is now 8:55 and my eyes are so dry
Get onto the computer 
Email agent and respond to various important emails
Call my mum
Fall into bed with out even taking my makeup off
set alarm for 6:15

Day Three- Initial Reflection
After today I have realised that I have a lot of work to do. This afternoon Simon our Director wanted to go for a run though with us and to do the show exactly how he wants it. For one I didn't know my lines very well so that didn't help anything.
I haven't got the specific character that he wants yet but that is my problem and something I need to sort out ASAP. By the end of the day I just felt fed up and unenthusiastic. I came home, locked myself in my room and just repeated my lines over and over until my brain was frazzled. Hopefully the lines with stick and be there in the morning!

Day Four-Graphs Charts and Diagrams
Knew Lines **
Tiered          ****
Positive        **
Enjoyment   *
Stress           *****
Confident    **
Happiness   *

Knew Lines ****
Tiered          **
Positive        ****
Enjoyment   ***
Stress           **
Confident    ****
Happiness   ***

Day Five-Evaluation
Today each group had to set up our show and watch each other perform. We were lucky enough to go second, which meant that we could watch the first group, take our time to work on anything just in case and then we had the rest of the afternoon to relax and watch the other groups.
There were many jokes and ways they did things in the 'boy-girl' show that worked really well and would be lovely for the audience, but unfortunately as we are a 'girl-girl' show it would be odd for us to do the same things.
Just by watching others it really helps to show what works and what doesn't. Before we started the show I was quite nervous as I don't like performing in front of our director. I never know what he is going to say about something. He commented on how our makeup isn't drag queen enough, so I just piled it on, heavy white and silver eye shaddow all the way up to my eyebrows, bright pink blusher, red lips and of course eyelashes. He then used me as an example of how the make up should look! So at least I did something right!
This show would be our best show as we were performing to our friends, where as a real audience react to things that interest them and not just because they want us to do well, so this show was more like a dress run as it would not show us how an actual show would be, just to show us how the show now fits together and that we could have people to react to.
I learnt that I need to speak slower so that not only an older audience could understand me, but so that Jennifer has enough time do her quick change into the next outfit. I need to make sure that I can speak naturally to the audience while doing this and not just reeling off a list of information to them. If they ask me questions during my speech, I have to be able to answer them and not get lost and flustered with what I am saying.
I must avoid dancing around too much because it will be too much for an older audience to watch, I must still have movement but it's nicer for an older audience to just watch me sing.

Day Six-What If?
It would have been great today if we had been given the morning off. This would have meant I would have had time to go to the gym, do a sun bed and if I had the money get my hair cut. I'd love if my friend Missy could work for the company as me and come on my tour as we get on so well. Then when we were at rehearsals I wish we had had the funniest show and that Simon was so impressed that he couldn't stop laughing. I wish that the free hot chocolate that we were getting from behind the bar was fat free. It would have been nice to know in advance when our dress runs were so that we could have had more time to plan what we were doing. I also would have liked us to have only had one show that started at ten O'clock so that we had the rest of our weekend to ourselves.
I would have hated our show to have been absolutely rubbish, for me to have forgotten all my lines and for Simon to sit there and make rude remarks about me. I would hate for Jennifer and I not to get on and for me to go over on my knee. For me to crash the car on the way home and to have run out of bettery on the way home so not be able to get hold of my mum. To bash my face when I crashed knocking my front teeth out. To get home and have locked myself out of the flat, so have to sit outside until someone arrived to let me in. To eventually get in and my flat mates to be in a bad mood. To cry and eventually call my mum but then the phone rings though and so not be able to speak to her. To fall into bed and have so much going on in my mind that I am not able to fall asleep.

Day Seven-Another View
Today Blake woke up and got herself ready for the dress rehearsals. She had a shower and put on all her make up. She then packed her bag for the week and piked up any other bits and bobs that she might need. Made herself some drippy egg and soldiers and ate that before leaving to pick Jennifer up. When Blake arrived at Jennifer's house she had to wait for just under a minute before Jennifer got in. She turned around the car and drove to the Petrol station where she filled up the car. She then typed the destination into the Sat Nav and continued on their journey.
It took them a long time to find the destination. She drove up and down the road looking for it. When they eventually found it Blake parked the car and Jennifer went to the front door to go in. Blake joined her. As they went in they were shocked at what they saw. Elderly people slumped over in chairs and they were just staring into the distance. Both Jen and Blake went out side, they looked at each other with disheartened looks on their faces and started to unload the car. They set up in good time and had enough time to sort out their costumes. Simon was at the show which was good because he really got the audience going. The girls did the show and there were many good and bad points. Blake needs to learn how to interact with the audience more when she is speaking to them however when she performed the songs she performed to the individuals making her performance into a story. The girls then packed up and went to their next venue. Blake got a bit stressed out at Jennifer as Blake had done a tour before she understands the format of how things need to be done, where is Jennifer wanted to just take her time to do things. The residents here had dementia and so Blake was quite sad at some of the things that she was seeing and experiencing. But she did not let this infringe on her performance as she realised it was something she could concentrate on instead of thinking about where she was.

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